What is OverPower?

OverPower is a game that allows the player to simulate combat between super heroes, villains, and other super powered characters while strategically attempting to complete a mission.

OverPower is a collectible card game designed by Michael and Theodore Stern and produced by Fleer. It features characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics.

OverPower is played between 2 players and the decks they have put together. A deck consists of 4 Character cards, 7 Mission cards and at least 51 other cards that will make up their draw pile. Players may elect to include Location cards in their decks as well.

Before the start of the game, both players will decide which 3 characters they want to put on the frontline and which remaining character to be the reserve. Both players draw 8 cards per battle, ventures a number of Mission cards and take turns attacking until their hand is exhausted or one player decides to concede the battle. The winner of the battle completes their Missions and the loser's missions are defeated.

The game continues until one player either completes all of their Missions or if all of their Missions are defeated. The game also ends if one player loses all 4 of their characters.

It's interesting to see new players to a game that faded away in the early 2000's. Unfortunately a lot of our attention is focused on the former players and we just don't have enough resources to allocate to new players just yet.

However, our community is very active on our forums and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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